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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nothing Good Comes Easy … Easy

Check out Trevor Morgan singing “Easy.”

Being a writer isWriter on rocks the life … isn’t it?

Two years ago, after working with my daughter on a story project for school I got the bug. I wanted to write. I came up with some ideas for a story and laid them out on paper. Oh, was it fun! I hadn’t been that creative in years.

Did people really get paid to do this?

Then, the Lord spoke to my heart. I can almost envision Him shaking His head, warily as He imparted the message. “This won’t be an easy journey. Prepare yourself for a long and bumpy road. But don’t give up.”

Long and bumpy? How?

Um. Well. I know now. After writing, re-writing, critiquing, being critiqued and re-writing again—only to find I must do more of the same—Oh, do I know. So, seeing His word to me was true, I do as He instructed. I don’t give up.

It’s hard work. Harder than I’ve ever encountered. And yet—though I’m still not “published”—the most rewarding work I’ve ever engaged in. My manuscript has brought my sister and I closer as it allowed me to communicate, through my characters, things I could never say. I’ve been told about families who have found great success using vision therapy for their once struggling readers after reading about it on my blog. Yes, the Holy Spirit has shown me the fruits of this labor. Labor I might have given up over a year ago had He not spoken that warning to me.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, didn’t stop there. A year ago, I went to a Third Day concert and heard Trevor Morgan sing for the first time. He played the song on the link above andTrevor Morgan autograph cropped I bought his CD. Thank you, Jesus, I can be reminded of His message on a daily basis, after a long, weary day of hard critiques and brutal re-writes. And it encourages me to keep plugging away. Because, after all …
Nothing good comes easy … easy.

P.S. Got the autograph, this weekend, at my third Third Day concert in a year :o). How cool is that?!

What keeps you going when the going gets tough?

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