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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Prosthesis That Fits Closer to the Bone

Check out the BioDesign High Fidelity socket:

Why am I doing a blog post on a prosthetic socket design?

Three reasons.

1) It's the prototype design I used in my novella, At the Edge of a Dark Forest.
2) It's really cool, and ...
3) It's a great metaphor for how we should be as members of the Body of Christ.

Ha! I knew I could make it relevant!

When I started researching prosthetic products for my main character, Carly Rose, to be introducing to her counterpart, Cole Harrison, I knew nothing of what the typical amputee experiences while using prosthetics. I wanted to find something innovative, that Carly could be a part of, so I looked for hands with fingers that could move more naturally, and products that claimed to have the potential to help an amputee sense texture and heat. Believe it or not, there is research being done on these, but it is bulky and would not have worked in my story.

What I didn't expect to find was a product that though it appears to be a simple design enhancement, could dramatically impact the maneuverability of its users. That's what the Hi-Fi socket design does, and more.

Think about it. If you are wearing a plastic bucket fit to your thigh, around the flesh, it will move with your soft tissue. And some of us have more soft-tissue than others. This leads to instability, rubbing, burning, sweating, as well as less controlled movement. BioDesign's High Fidelity socket pushes the soft tissue away and attaches closer to the main structure of your body--the bone. No extra movement. Less sweating due to openings, no rubbing and therefore no burning. It seems so simple, and yet so extraordinary.

This is how we want to be in the Body of Christ. We don't just want to be holding onto the soft, fleshy part of His Word. We want to be fastened to the bone. Less movement equals more stability, less friction, less burning, fewer sores.

And more maneuverability!

Many think that in following God's Word it limits us. But like the old bucket-design socket, without God's guidance, yes, we will move a lot, but we will wobble and need to use more energy to do daily tasks. As a member of the Body who is attached closer to the structure, the movement is stable, guided, and therefore more functional--more productive.

Doesn't that sound better to you?