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What Does It Mean to Live the Body of Christ?

If you’ve ever met me or read much of my writing you will know I am obsessed with Paul’s idea of the Body of Christ. I love the notion that God made us all unique so we would perform different functions of the same Body in order to achieve the same goal—enlarging the Kingdom of God and giving Him glory. Many people give lip-service to this idea and yet they still don’t understand a person’s lack of one skill, giving credit for the gift of another. They seem to want people in their church to look like them, talk like them and minister like them. Yet Paul tells us this is not how we were made.

Though I have always been intrigued by the Master Creator’s integration of many gifts into a whole, the name of this website (Living the Body of Christ) was inspired by my son. My son has a form of autism which makes it impossible for him to speak as a typical child his age. He cannot communicate through words. And yet he is an expert at communicating LOVE in ways that are more meaningful. He is my teacher. I hope I do justice to his lessons. Many would call my son deficient. But what does Paul say about those members of the body we call “weaker?”

They are indispensable!!! (1 Corinthians 12:22)

Is this website for those with Special Needs and the families who care for them? Yes, and MORE. It is for the person who is looking for purpose, but wonders if she has any. It is for the person who feels he has no gift to offer the Savior who died for him. It’s for the person who feels she doesn’t fit in or even the person who just needs a little encouragement to carry on when things get tough.

It’s for the person looking for his or her place in the Body and needs a nudge to live that place to his or her fullest. That’s where the “Living” part of the title comes in. We don’t just find our place and take a seat. We find it and then get busy. We were created for a purpose.

You will find lots of testimonies on this site. Each one different from the one before, but you will see a common thread—God reaching out to His children, holding them when they need it, and then patting them on the back and saying “Get busy, my child. I have work for you.” I hope you find one you can relate to. Read their stories AND their bios at the end. God is using these people in ways they’d never have dreamed before they felt His calling.

We live in a time where many have fallen away. Some because they don’t feel they fit in with the Christian “culture.” What is that anyway? We don’t have to look the same or like the same music to believe in Christ and do His Will. Some because of a bad experience at a church. This isn't about being part of *a* church, it's about being part of *the* church--The Body. Some have fallen away because of the empty promises from “The World.” Eventually, they will see the emptiness for what it is. Where will you be when they do? I hope you will be beside them, listening, relating, understanding and encouraging a better way.

God's Way!

Now, find your purpose and get busy for Him!

Note on Autism:

Whenever I write or talk about my son and his giftedness in heart, I feel I need to caution readers who do not experience the effects of autism on a daily basis. Yes, I can see my son as a gift from God. His autism has made him quiet and even serene. His particular gifting is in how he seems to read the emotions of others in a room better than the average person. Others struggling with this disorder have a very opposite experience. Their affected child may speak and understand, read and write, but are emotionally distant, and may engage in violent behavior. If you know someone struggling with the effects of this disorder in their homes, please do not press on them how they should see autism as a gift from God. Though I truly think God can reveal Himself through their struggles and their child is also a gift, this kind of intrusion can only leave the afflicted feeling alone and misunderstood. Pray for them … and in any way you can, help to bring them relief!

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