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Friday, August 2, 2013

I Have an Enemy!

I have an enemy.  No, this is not the one Jesus tells me to love. It’s His enemy too.


I didn’t used to believe in Satan, even though I always believed in God. I thought he was the metaphorical image of what leads us astray. But now I know differently.

When did I start believing in Satan? It started when I began to ramp up my faith, reading and studying the Bible. That was when Satan came out in the open and began his assault with full force. He attacked the things I held dear.

I praise God I had strong, believing colleagues and friends at that time who were able to help me see these attacks for what they were—a disgruntled, former employee of the Most High trying to besmirch his old bosses reputation. So I held strong against the storm, though the waves pushed me hither and yon. And now I’ve come to expect these battles, especially when I step out to grow my faith or share it with others.

Like now.

This week I’m preparing to go to a conference with other Christian authors whose goal it is to Write His Answers. I’ll be learning new skills, meeting new people, fellowshipping, sharing tactics for the battle, and also pitching my manuscripts to publishing houses. So what should I expect the enemy will do? Well … scream at laptoplet me see … maybe …

Give my computer a virus—check.

Make my printer run out of ink—check.

Corrupt my back-up drive—check.

Make it so the new drive, somehow, won’t fit into my USB port—check.

Oh yes, he also attacks my self-confidence and belief that what I am trying to do has any meaning—check, check, and double check!!!

Thank goodness I’m fighting on the right side, the most powerful side. The side that has already won because of my Savior’s sacrifice.

But what’s a believer supposed to do when the enemy attacks? Well, the weapon God gave me was tears. Yes, I mean those drops of water that run down your face when you feel at your weakest. How do they work? Is there a magical potion or powerful chemical compound that wards off the enemy? No. It’s just a signal to the Big Guy to send out the Big Guns. Because when I am at my weakest, He is at His strongest.

That’s just the truth.

So I cry out to the Lord, who is my strength. I acknowledge that everything WILL be done in accordance to His Will, and I trust His outcome will be better than anything I can plan for …

And it IS!   

PS. That picture above is a representation of the part of my battle where the enemy seemed to be winning—Sigh! Thank goodness God pulled out the victory in spite of myself Smile!

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  1. Extraordinary words, Connie. Thanks for sharing them. Funny, because, like you, I never gave the devil a nod of acknowledgment until I also committed my heart to God. Everything was okay until after the conference when I came home with determination boosted by God's grace and now things have popped up on the home front to rain on my parade. But, I will pray for both of us, that your pre and my post conference experiences are just mere aggravating sprinkles and not deluges. God loves us and will always watch over His kids.