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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you can't see the video imbed above, click this link.

I love this commercial. It says it all.

Every store we’ve gone to over the last few weeks has walls of displays of Back-to-School this and Back-to-School that. Each time my daughter spies one of these she groans and calculates the number of remaining days—3 as of this writing.

And I grin.

Don’t get me wrong I LOOOOOVVVVE my daughter!!!! We have so many special memories of this summer. So many special hugs. So many special girly bonding moments.

It’s just that I want to complete one whole thought without the interruption of … “And you know what else …”

It seems my daughter is in the middle of one continuous conversation with me all day long and just as I think I’m going to have a moment to think on my own, she remembers more of the conversation to impart to me. Then I need to roll back my memory—which is hard enough to do these days—and pull up what we’d been talking about earlier (be it a moment ago, an hour ago, or a week ago) so I can understand this new expansion of thought.

My brain hurts.

I now appreciate my parents so much more than I used to.

Why am I writing this? It sounds awful to wish my daughter away at school, especially after she made me breakfast this morning—just cuz. (She’s very sweet!)

I’m writing this because it’s not mean, it’s normal. Not that we parents hate our children or want to see them less. We sometimes just want a moment when a full sentence can be thought inside our own heads without interruption. Like Jesus, we need time to ourselves to be with OUR loving Father in heaven. We need time to hear His calling on our lives.

We need time.

Next week, I’ll be lamenting the lack of time I have with my girl. I know this. But for now--

Oops, I forgot what I was going to write as my daughter interrupted me to tell me about a TV show—for real!

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  1. Funny & true. My General Manager at work enjoys singing this tune every August :)

    1. So glad to hear I'm not the only one. Now I don't feel mean.