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Friday, August 31, 2012

But God, What if … ?

Exodus 4:1

Moses answered (God), “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?”

I must confess, I love it when these important men of the Bible question God. Not because I want to encourage others to do the same. I mean, there’s no point, right? But when I see someone of great faith have weak moments, I know there’s hope for me. So no, I don’t use this as an excuse to be sloppy. I see it as a call to be more, as was Moses.

So Moses had a what if moment. I can relate. That’s why I’m forty six and only now starting on a path of ministry that others started many a year ago. I know the what ifs.

“What if no one cares what I write?”
 woman in mirror
“What if everyone hates my style?” As though each and every person had the same opinion about anything.

“What if this is a big waste of time?”

“What if people think I’m ugly?” Okay, I’m a little vain.

These are the chains that bind us—Satan’s tools. When God calls us out to do something, there are no what ifs. Only what will be. He knows the outcome already, otherwise He’d never have given us the task.

Does it mean the aspiring writer will be a million-dollar royalty-making published author? (Hmmmm. How ‘bout it Big Guy? All right, all right.) No, it doesn’t. In fact, I know my calling has already touched lives through information disseminated on my blog and the tightening of relationships with people around me. I’m still feeling the call, so I guess there’s more.

dollar signYes, I hope for the contract with a dollar sign in front of six-figures—okay, I’ll take five—somewhere on the page (preferably going to me and not just the publisher). But even if that never happens, I’ll know I’m being used by Him. And like His Grace, it’s sufficient.

Tell us about a WHAT IF moment God used in your life.

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  1. What if the book you're writing only touched one person bringing them to Christ or boosting their faith? Is it still worth it - all the blood, sweat, and tears? This is a question I was faced with. I had to answer yes. If the message is intended for that one, it's worth it.

    1. Yes, Paula, you are soooo right. Imagine, you're not just talking about making someone happy. But if your book leads someone to salvation, that's an eternity in heaven for them! No small potatoes. It shouldn't be taken lightly. Also, there is the ripple effect. Check out this post on the one man who impacted ONLY one man, who is the pastor of a largely impactful mega-church. http://livingthebodyofchrist.blogspot.com/2011/12/great-and-small-part-2the-man-who.html