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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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This may tell you a little something about me. My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 77:3a (NIV), “I remembered You, O God, and I groaned.”

I know, to others it’s not so inspiring, since it doesn’t describe God’s awesome power, His mercy or His love. But for me, it spoke of my human condition, in contrast to those things, and how those things are available to me in spite of that contrast. Because even though I sometimes forget Him …

He never forgets me.

What’s more is the context of the verse within the Psalm. Psalm 77 speaks of a man who is troubled, calling out to the Lord, yet hears no reply. That’s not to say a reply wasn’t given, just that he didn’t hear it.

Then, he remembers God—His Creator—who, though times have been rough in the past, has always been there, ready to guide, direct and shape events, and make them into something the man would one day look on, nod his head and say, “Oh, I get it now!”

But before the man saw the end product of this tribulation, there was only darkness.

So the psalmist tells us (as does the Third Day song above), there’s a light at the end of this tunnel … for you.

This Music Devotional was inspired by one of Greg Holt’s favorite Third Day songs. See Greg’s testimony.

Join us Friday for Cathy Payton’s Gomer Testimony!!!

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