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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It was one of those divinely appointed moments only the Holy Spirit can design. I told my daughter not to speak while the song “Surrender,” by Third Day, played from the car stereo. But does she listen? Sometimes she actually does, having heard this request from me in the past as I absorb the words to that song. But on this day, like Esther before King Xerxes, she boldly opened her mouth.

“Mom, what does it mean to surrender?” she dared, fear wobbling in her eyes from the boldness of her actions (not really).

It was on the tip of my tongue to remind her of the rule … but … She wanted to know why a single word could reduce me to tears. And I needed to tell her.

Then I thought about it. What does “surrender” mean? To most it’s a bad thing. The act of giving up, giving over control to one’s enemy. But the surrender mentioned in the song is different. Why? Because the One I am relinquishing control to is not only not my enemy, He is my Savior. He is all powerful, He loves me and … He’s good.

For this reason my surrendering to Him brings peace, strength and hope for the future. It means life.
So I told my daughter this. Now she longs to surrender, too.

What does surrender mean to you?

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  1. Connie to me it means that I can finally stop struggling to make my life work out right. I just try to walk in obedience every day. I try to have a different perspective on things: i.e. instead of seeing interruptions I try to see divine appointments, etc. I think that surrender means instead of giving up my freedom I take up my freedom in Christ. Love that! Great post.

    1. So true, Sherri. That's where the peace comes. So glad you have it.

  2. Surrender is what its ALL about. When I surrendered, God walked in!

    1. Yes! It's like you're blockading the door from the conqueror. Then your realize, He's not just your conqueror, He's your Savior. Open that door!And let Him conqueror FOR you.

  3. For me surrender is a total thing. Giving God control of my future, worried included. It's so wonderful to rest in His arms.

    Sharon Srock
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