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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Robyn C’s Journey to God—A Gomer Testimony

3D Grand Rapids --Robyn
As promised on Tuesday, I am posting testimonies of Third Day fans who like to call themselves “Gomers.” These are testimonies of lives lived in emptiness (as they always are without God) until they found a relationship with their Savior. One thing I love about these stories is how Christian music played a vital role in encouraging them in the faith. Read and see how God uses this artistry to fulfill lives. (The pictures are from Robyn)

Here is Robyn C’s (aka. OYBNRML Gomer)

My Journey to God

I was raised in a Lutheran home, attended church every Sunday (whether I wanted to or not) and went to parochial school for 4 years. By the time I graduated, I had attended 7 different schools having only moved once, but the great constant in my life was my neighborhood and my church.

We lived in a 60’s subdivision with a mix of lots of different faiths and colors and my best friend was not at all religious. I knew God, but did not have a personal relationship with Him. I mostly hoped that He wasn’t too displeased with me or that He wasn’t even aware of me. The fear being that I wasn’t good enough to gain His approval.

I lived a pretty typical life (I think), and went through a period of partying. I knew my mom would be disappointed if she knew some of the things I was doing, so certainly God would be disappointed.
By the time I was 23, I knew I needed to grow up. I quit partying, and went to Nursing School. I had a daughter not too long out of college, and eventually married my husband (her father) when she was 4, and started living a “normal” life. Even though I had changed, I still felt I was not good enough for God, and probably remained unforgiven for the life I had lived. No matter what people told me, I didn’t think God really loved me or would truly forget my past.
3D Grand Rapids 3 13 11 025
One morning, as I was singing a choir song in the shower, God came to me. He removed the veil from my eyes, pulled the stone from my heart and I experienced absolute pure peace and felt His Love. Some people call it being “slain in the Spirit.” My life began again on April 10, 2000.

Now, I could not listen to the same music I had listened to before this experience because not only did it seem hollow and unfulfilling, it sang of a life I had let wash down the drain that morning. But I LOVE music and the Christian Music I knew of was, dare I say, boring.

Was this what I was going to be confined to now?

THEN I discovered DCTalk. I remember bursting into the kitchen and telling my husband “I LOVE these guys." They fulfill my need for Rock-N-Roll but with lyrics and a lifestyle that doesn’t undo how I want to live!!” It was great.

I started discovering other Christian Artists that I enjoyed. Some friends invited us to Pulsefest because DCTalk was headlining. I was blown away by the music that day, even though DCT was thunderstormed out.

apr 11 Third Day and Chicago 050When we went back to our friends home Karla handed me a Third Day CD and told me she thought I might like them. I thanked her, but didn’t listen to it until I went home. The first song, King of Glory was my story. During the year after my shower experience, I had looked back on my life and felt God had ALWAYS been pursuing me. That He had always been there patiently waiting to show me His Love.

I fell in love with that CD, and then ordered “Come Together”. The song Show Me Your Glory described what I had been telling people about my shower experience. The “flash of lightening” that I saw right as I was gently lowered to my knees, how when I finally came out of the experience and exited the shower (climbed down the mountain to get back to my life), I KNEW my life was never going to be the same again. I had seen God’s love revealed. How did these boys from Georgia know of MY experience, and wrote a song about it. There was a longing for the home I now knew was waiting for me.
3D Grand Rapids --thai--robyn
I started buying more Third Day CD’s and discovered their lyrics AND their music is top notch. I LOVE listening to them, and they help me in my continued walk with God. When they sing of their struggles and their joys, I identify that we all struggle in this life. When they are singing their praises to God, I belt it out with them.

The musicans they introduce to us, and tour with, keep me loving Christian Music. When you listen to Mike from Tenth Avenue North witness, it is just amazing. I thank God every day for the people He’s put in my path, the bands He has anointed to proclaim His love, and the friends I’ve made along the way.

How has Christian music empowered your walk?

with mark--robynRobyn lives in Michigan and is a registered nurse with a background in ICU/CCU and disaster Response. She currently works in Addictions Treatment and wonders if she should check herself in for her addiction to Third Day ;o).macandme 110608

Her favorite Third Day song is Consuming Fire because the lyrics speak of the great difference in her life between the “yesterday” without God and the now with Him.

The Gomer Series will continue through the month of June. Music Devotionals on Tuesdays and Testimonies on Fridays. This coming Tuesday will feature a devotional inspired by Robyn’s favorite Third Day song, “Consuming Fire.”

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful witness. Amazing how many way God reaches out! Music, others, boosk, etc--we just need to listen!

  2. Absolutely Jane! When people say "God is dead" and "God doesn't move in the same ways he moved back in the Bible" I just laugh. Maybe they're just not SEEING how He works. The line "I was blind, but NOW, I see". I think that's what that song means. Once we "know" God, we can look back and "see" all the ways he was working. Putting people, MUSIC and events in our path, waiting for us to latch onto His love. Dead and Uninvolved? I think not ♥ Patiently waiting ~ absolutely!