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Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Whom Much is Given ...

To whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48)
     I try to remember this verse every time I enter my not-so-well-kept townhome … especially when I’m coming from my sister’s beautiful house on the water. Okay, at least not much is expected there.
     This really dawned on me the day I visited another homeschooling mom some years ago, and sat in the new addition to her very lovely home. Obviously her husband’s work allows her to not have to be employed “outside the home” (though she works very hard homeschooling her four children) and additionally affords a large abode. Not a common occurrence in the Baltimore-Washington area. I walked in, and true to my sinful nature, felt a twinge of envy. But the still, small voice, which resonates forcefully from the Holy Spirit, spoke to me in those moments. I knew this woman opened her house on a regular basis, both for women’s Bible Study as well as youth activities for her church, living the verse above.
     God blessed her with these gifts and she uses them for His Glory. I would not have. Oh, don’t think me selfish. My gifting is NOT hospitality. Being a … not-so-tidy person, my home is just not that hospitable. Might just turn off the nice Christian folk if I did invite them in. So God knew what he was doing when he gave me my digs. And I thank Him for that. That’s not to say I wouldn’t open my home if necessary … and was called to do so. Just sayin’ I get why He didn’t bless me in this way.
     So my plan is to partner with one of these Nice-Home people (my sister with the house on the water) to do the work He DID call me to—teaching. She is ready and willing to open her home for His Work, but not prepared to instruct. I need to fulfill the expectation He has placed on me. And I don’t have to clean my house to do it either. How blessed can you get?!!!
     So ask yourself, where has God blessed you … and are you using it for Him?

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