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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is when you think you know. Wisdom is when you know you don’t … Lean on the One who knows it all.

You remember those days when you thought you knew it all? I think I hit that stage around my early twenties … I think (it’s been a while now). I read a lot of non-fiction and pondered the meaning of life and was taken by the idea that everything is relative, someone’s opinion and there really wasn’t one answer to any question. That was my way of reconciling the fact that none of what I read agreed.

But then came the reality that no matter what all of our opinions are, or whether or not they are the same, there are real truths out there. We don’t have to agree on how the earth was created to know that it was created in a very specific, sequential way. It occurred how it occurred no matter how we think it happened. That is a Big-T Truth.

This takes me to my saying above about Knowledge and Wisdom. We can seek to know all the available facts about a subject, but chances are, some will be missing. That’s where the Holy Spirit plays a deep and powerful role. Relying on the Wisdom of our God, rather than our limited information, is the wisest action we can ever take. But one needs to realize first that he or she is limited in order to do so. We can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit until we first empty ourselves of our own arrogance.

See what the Bible says. Isaiah 29:14b. 1Corinthians 1:27

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