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Friday, April 26, 2013

Let Me See Redemption Win

If you can’t see the video imbed below, click the link to Tenth Avenue North’s Worn.

I am soul-weary!

It’s been a spiritually tiring week. We watched evil in the form of the bombing of innocent people at the Boston Marathon. We heard about someone sending ricin to our elected officials. We saw a fertilizer plant blow up, harming an entire community. But that’s not the worst of it.

There were things that wearied my soul even more.

I’ve heard Christians use these events as a means of passing judgment against one particular sin, as though their own, regular sin didn’t matter as much. I’ve seen others reply to these accusations with more angry language. I’ve seen mocking of the church not just by those who don’t understand it, but those who claim to believe. I’ve seen the attack against hypocrisy become lunch for those looking for more of which to accuse us. Having been the recipient of such mocking judgments as a youth—where people made assumptions about me because they thought I was religious--it grieves me to see my brothers and sisters in Christ adding to it.

And yet, there was good.

At present, we know of two perpetrators in the bombings in Boston. Compare that to the numbers of first responders, fellow racers and residents of the city who ran into danger, picked up the injured, gave blood, and offered homes. This is positive math, folks. Let’s not forget it.

Yes, there are those who use the Bible for hate. Hitler had a book of verses—taken out of context—to feed his agenda to take over the world and annihilate the Jews. But anyone who’s read the real book knows--in context--it is about the love of a God for His people so great, He’d come into the depths of their sin and take the punishment rightfully theirs. I’ve known so many who have been extraordinary examples of that love.

Let’s talk about them!

Yes, there is hypocrisy and self-righteousness. It’s ugly and hurtful. But if any one of us looked in the mirror hard enough, we might see it at its worst.

Stop blaming, mocking and accusing. Let’s remove the plank that stings the most! The one in our own eyes. Sometimes, when we do this, we see enough to find the goodness in those we’d accuse.

Yes! You read that right. The ones we’d accuse!!!

They are human. They are sinners, just like me, rife with flaws and insecurities. And still, they can be used by God for His Glory—like Paul in the New Testament when he finally saw the light. Let’s look for that Glory! It’s wonderful, astounding, extraordinary.

It’s there!

Find it. Revel in it. Tell me about it! I want to know. Don’t only complain about what’s wrong in the church. There is so much out there that’s good.

Let me see Redemption win!!!

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