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Friday, March 29, 2013

You Are Holy

If you can’t see the imbed above, click on this link to hear Lamb of God by Tenth Avenue North.

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There’s nothing like being with a body of believers, throwing my hands to the heavens and praising my Creator. However, sometimes a child of God needs to speak to Him alone, in holy reverence. That’s what this song reminds me to do.

When I was young, I went to churches that taught written-out prayers to speak to God. We were expected to memorize these and say them over and over again in our alone time with Him. Some of them are beautiful blueprints of how one should address a holy God. But now and again I felt the need to throw in a little discourse of my own with the Big Guy. He is my Father, after all.

But was that right?

Later, I met Christians who told me Our God was an approachable God, and His Son, Jesus was “God with us.” We could have conversations with Him like a friend throughout the day, not only on bended knee with closed lids. I loved this idea, because now I could pray in my car on long commutes—not convenient while kneeling, and kinda dangerous with your eyes shut.

So, I ventured into this new relationship with God, relishing the Oneness I felt in all my travels. I wasn’t required to kneel. So I didn’t.


I’m in a different place these days.

You see, those who taught me of a relatable God also taught me about the God of the Bible. They said I could know Him better by reading His Word. So I did. What did I find out? He is good, He is holy, He is worthy. He is beyond anything I could imagine Him to be. And He loves me.

I found that when the great ones in the Bible were faced with just an angel of the Lord, they were moved to the point of falling on their faces in this presence. The disciples trembled when Jesus quieted the wind and the waves, knowing Him to be more powerful than the storm. And yet, I resist to bow to this God who I treat as a friend.

No more!

He is holy. He is worthy. He is the Lamb of God. He created me, He provides for me and He even died for me. He deserves my reverence. He deserves my love.

He deserves my all.

I still don’t pray on my knees—lids shading my eyes from all other distractions—because I’m required to. I now do these things because I want to. I am in awe and my spirit aches to reverence Him. I am blessed to spend this time with my Creator every day.

Thank you Lord!

P.S. You’ll be relieved to know that though I spend my mornings in bodily reverence, my “conversations” in the car are still with opened eyes and feet to the pedals.

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