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Friday, December 7, 2012

Is God Teaching Me Patience Or Praise?


I’m an impatient person!

traffic lightI know some of you are saying “amen,” “oh, yeah,” or even “me, too.” So when I drive up to a newly reddening traffic light, and I really, really, need to get somewhere fast, I raise my eyes to my Creator and say, “You’re teaching me patience again, aren’t you?” At those moments, I can almost see His silver-haired beard pull at the sides with a gentle smile, as it bobs with a nod to the affirmative. I then think, I must have a hard time with this lesson because God seems to teach it to me over and over (and over and over) again.

Then one day a colleague of mine mentioned having lost sleep the night before and how she believed God had awoken her to spend the time in Praise to Him. This idea alluded me at first because I found it weird to just tell someone (even God) how good He was all night long. I mean, it’s okay in a praise and worship song at church, because songs repeat like that anyway. But, in regular speech, it just felt foreign.

However, when you are THAT good and THAT holy, and THAT powerful … and you use all that goodness, holiness and power for your children (a.k.a me) maybe you deserve someone acknowledging the fact.

So, one day, when my laptop was straining to boot up against all thescream at laptop security software that needed to scan and update gazillions of files, I decided to not consider it just another lesson in patience, but an opportunity to praise.

And wow!

Now, what used to be moments of complaint or snide remarks to the Big Guy about His persistence to train me up in the way that I should go, I meditate on all that is good. All that is worthy. All that is God!

When do you praise Him?

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