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Friday, November 2, 2012

On the Seventh Day He Rested


Genesis 2: 1b

It’s been a hard few weeks in the Almony household. I’ve had to travel more than I’m used to, one child has had a serious illness requiring medication that makes her very ill … and let’s not forget Hurricane Sandy (which, though the eye practically passed right over us, we were virtually spared of much of its horrific effects).

With all of these things pulling at me, I am comforted to know, as I attempt to model myself in the image of my Creator, there is a time for rest. Because this is a topic on which I can expound in great length, having worked as a counselor with over-achieving, perfectionistic women suffering from anxiety disorders, I think I will do ssleeping in hayo in my next post on Writer’s Rest on November 8th. But for now, I will heed the call to be like my God in this one thing.

I will rest. 

And since there is not more of a post to read, take this time to pray for those who were impacted by the hurricane.

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