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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dark Forests and Military Service

You may have noticed the background of Living the Body of Christ has changed yet again. No, this isn’t my ADD kicking into overdrive because I’m bored of the old one. It’s me celebrating the cover art of my soon-to-be-released novella, At the Edge of a Dark Forest.

Look out, March!!!
Here’s the blurb:

Cole Harrison, a war veteran, wears his disfigurement like a barrier to those who might love him, shielding them from the ugliness inside. He agrees to try and potentially invest in, a prototype prosthetic with the hope of saving a hopeless man’s dreams.
Carly Rose contracts to live with Cole and train him to use his new limbs, only to discover the darkness that wars against the man he could become.

At the Edge of a Dark Forest is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Only it is not her love that will make him whole.
This endeavor started out as a series project with my critique partners (June Foster, Gail Palotta, Vanessa Riley and Mildred Colvin), but as the story grew from the inspiration of the military ministries series I did a couple of years ago, it quickly became a labor of love. You see, I have no family who fought in our most recent wars, but I have a few acquaintances whose husbands have. As I considered the men and women who’ve fought and died for my freedoms, I realized I’ve had no real “skin in the game.” This story is my small way to give something back. Additionally, I will be donating 10% of my earnings on At the Edge of a Dark Forest to Military Ministries, a subgroup of Campus Crusade for Christ. I hope it will help to bring God into the healing of our soldiers and their families.

Can you see the cross in the picture above. Tell me below.

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  1. Wow! I love the cover. Sounds like a great storyline, Connie.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I was grabbed by the cross lit up in the little tree in the front.

  2. Connie, this is an amazing story & I'm looking foreword to reading it. I love the theme. Love the beautiful cover--where did it come from?

    You're such a beautiful person by reminding us all to use the gifts that God has blessed all of us with, to glorify Him.

    1. The image is from istock. And thanks for the compliment. I hope it's God's beauty you see. I'm trying real hard to be a truly empty vessel these days. I hope this story shows that!!!