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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Annual Life Journal—by Reverend Loyce E. Craft

I’d like to welcome my very good friend, Loyce Craft, to LBOC today. We’ve known each other … uh … let’s just say a long time ;o). We’ve shared many hopes and dreams throughout the years, only to finally realize our hope is in the Lord and our dreams are to do His Will. Loyce is here to give us her inspiration to help you discover your purpose in Him.
The Annual Life Journal

questionWhat is my purpose? Why am I here? How do I know what God’s plans are for my life?! These are questions many of us might have asked ourselves at some time or another. From birth to death, we are constantly becoming the person that God created us to be. It is a learned process—and is best understood through purposeful spiritual discipline as we are led by the Holy Spirit. But how do we organize our thoughts? How do we ask these questions and get the right answers?!
Our lives have meaning—and we all, though individuals, walk with (or should walk with) each other and with God. The key is to have the clarity of thought to be able to focus on our walk with God, knowing and recognizing His Voice, and live as He has destined us to live in spite of ourselves! But what happens when we get off course? When we lose our direction? Or when everything we have been trying seems to amount to nothing?!
It is so easy to fall into a place of feeling lost and hopeless—particularly if we have been trying and striving for years Life Journal Coverand we see no apparent fruit. The Annual Life Journal seeks to help every born-again believer to intentionally ask the question: “Where am I in my walk with God (i.e., how am I doing in my walk with the Lord)?” The individual’s answer to that question is the launching point for writing in this Journal.
Do you long for a way to clarify and codify your thoughts, dreams, visions, and goals and to discover God’s plan for your life? Do you want to assess how you are doing with your life? The Annual Life Journal provides a structured and comprehensive approach to the journaling process. It is holistic and helps Christians consider several key areas: Spiritual journey, Bible study and Prayer, Relationships, Financial Health, Physical Wellness, Mental and Emotional Wellness, and Celebration. It features a free journaling section; a guide, How to Use the Annual Life Journal; and calendar section with scenic pictures to inspire reflection. As you journal, you are compelled to allow yourself to become all that God has destined you to be! The Annual Life Journal will help you to discover your “calling.” As author Frederick Buechner, wrote: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” For what are you hungry or passionate?!
The Annual Life Journal is prepared for people of all races, ages, and gender, because we are all on a Journey with God, and we all want to hear God say, “Well done.” My passion is to help His children focus on journeying well with God! The Journal is meant to inspire, encourage, compel, and give hope in Jesus. As people of the Kingdom of God, we are all brothers and sisters. This is my approach to ministry, and it is the way that I relate to God’s people. One of the things that blesses me the most is when I am in a corporate worship setting and I see a representation of people of all races worshiping God—together! As you journey through 2012, I pray you are inspired to follow God’s Voice wherever it may lead you as you choose to Journey Well with God TM.

clip_image002About the Author. Reverend Loyce E. Craft is President of Aziel Ministries, a new Christian ministry dedicated to providing services and products to enhance the Christian believer's walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. She is an ordained minister, a consultant, and a writer, songwriter, and singer.  Her desire is that every born-again believer is empowered to Journey Well with God TM. Rev. Craft has created the Annual Life Journal, which helps every Christian ask the question, "Where am I in my journey with God?" The comprehensive Journal also assists Christians in doing a spiritual self-inventory of their lives as Christian believers. As a songwriter, one of Rev. Craft's songs, "Hear My Prayer," was recorded and released on October 11, 2011, by Stellar Award Winner, Reverend Dr. Emory Andrews and the Oxon Hill High School Choir (Minister Phillip Carter, Producer/Stellar Award Winner). As Minister Carter said, the CD "is every choir director's dream"!

To order the Journal: Visit www.azielministries.com.
To order the CD: Visit www.emoryandrews.com
To email the author: azielministries@verizon.net

Comment below and share something you’ve discovered about your relationship with God in the past year.

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  1. What an insightful commentary, Connie & Rev. Craft. It's interesting because I'm observing an interesting life lesson this past year: most of my anxieties occur when I want something very much but try as I may, it doesn't seem to happen the way I imagine it to... but when I surrender to God, asking Him to handle things for me because I just can't do it anymore, things seem to straighten out. It makes me feel like a little child, over &over again, a child that is taking an awful long time to learn () but then again, since I'm the Lord's child, I'm thinking, hoping, that it's okay since I keep coming back to Him, asking for His help once more, for His grace.

    Maybe this is what life is about?

  2. Loyce, Any friend of Connie's is a fiend of mine. (smile) I love your idea of keeping a journal. So helpful, especially for us "older" folks who tend to forget things. Thank you for your work in this area. June