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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Writer As Creator

            One of the amazing things about being a writer is how it gives one a glimpse of what it is like to be God. No, I do not have the power to alter realities … but I do have the power to alter “unrealities.” And oh what an exciting prospect. I can make new worlds and tweek them to be just what I want them to be. I can control the weather, making it rain when the crops need water, and clear when the picnic needs to run its course. But one thing I still have no control over is … the human character.

            Of course, I could create nice little robotic characters who do what I say and treat everyone nice, including me. But that’s like when your husband says he loves you right after you tell him you want him to. Like kissin’ your sister. Though, I’m not going to say I know what God was thinking when He gave us Free Will, I can understand how He might just want us to choose Him on our own, and not just because He told us to.
            So, I end up with these characters who, even though I want them to do one thing, I scratch my head and say, “He’d never do that.” It just doesn’t fit with who he is. But what if that thing I want him to do would really help? I might just have to prod him in some way. Give him some sort of life-changing event that will make him want to do that one thing … even if it hurts.

            So I do it. Sometimes I cringe as my character traverses this difficult land, and I have even shed a tear as I read through the scenario, but I know it’s necessary. My character needs it to grow. So I let it happen.

            I suspect God does the same thing.                                                               


  1. Hi Connie,
    A different perspective on life changing events. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Connie,

    Good, thought-provoking post. And you're right, when we have to do things to our characters to invoke change, it hurts us!

    Progressing right along on my WIP. Hope your writing is going well--

    Lookin' up,

  3. And here I was thinking all this time I was the only one that thought of a fiction-world as permitting the closest to a God-controlling reign a person can have short of being a dictator. Actually, the past few years I've also learned that my characters are often in control of the stories--perhaps that's one reason why I'm a major SOP writer. Plus, as I've learned the hard way that it's necessary to edit, edit, edit, I've learned that I'm really not in control of much! IOWs like everything else in my life, I'm learning that God is in control of my writing and I need to listen to Him.

  4. Connie, you have an amazing imagination!

  5. I like it, but what happens if you kill a character? Judgement or remorse.

  6. Vanessa, your question requires a long response. Go figure, me being long winded. However, I hate to try to deal with the death of any human in this small box. Even the blog entry I wrote is insufficient to understand God's infinite wisdom when dealing with this kind of loss. However, the following is my attempt. Futile though it may be. See "Death of a Character" http://livingthebodyofchrist.blogspot.com/2011/11/death-of-character.html